Our month of November, began in the central Himalayan country of Nepal. We spend 21 days trekking in the Annapurna mountain range of the Himalayas. Our trek passed through many diverse environments from tropical lush valley, desert dry forest, snow capped mountains and allowed us to stay in Buddhist villages full of amazing people. The trek took us to the highest point on earth we ever been at an altitude of 5,416m on the Thorung La pass, touching the edge of the Tibetan plateau. Mid month, We left the mountain highs for sea level, meeting our friends in Thailand. We reconnected with the modern world in Bangkok then headed to Chang Mai to see Loi Krathong’s lantern festival. After the cultural events and many Buddhist temple visits, we beach hopped the more touristy side of Thailand, visiting Phuket, Phi Phi islands and Railay for some vitamin D and R & R. November was filled with physically pushing our boundaries on a grand trekking adventure high up in the Himalayas, followed by some relaxing and unwinding time with great friends in the islands of Thailand. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram: nolimitwanderlust for more pics!


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